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Parents Handbook for Preschool and After School Care

Big Adventures Daycare offers an out of school and preschool care program at our Kamloops childcare centre. We hope this parent handbook will help acquaint you with our policies.


Daycare Centre Operating Policies

Centre Policies

  1. The centre will be opened from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
  2. The centre will be closed on all statutory holidays & 1 week during Christmas break.
  3. All notices will be posted on the parent's bulletin board.


Staff Qualifications

  1. All full-time and part-time staff is either an Early Childhood Educator or has their ECE assistant status. They also must have personal experience in child rearing and a first aid certificate.


*We provide a stimulating program to meet the individual needs of each child. Monthly programs are posted on the activity board. The program posted will be what your children will be doing while in our care. This gives the parent the opportunity to see what their child is doing each day.



  1. We provide a smoke free environment.
  2. A daily health check will be done each day. This will consist of a visual check on each child, as well as parental input.
  3. A child must have a complete medical check-up before he or she enters our program. We also require an up-to-date immunization record.


*Concern for each child's health and wellbeing is a fundamental part of our program.


Administration Policies

  1. If someone special is picking up child, please give us a note with the name and description of the person (relative or friend), approximate time to expect them and any special instructions we may need.
  2. If you have any emergency and must have someone else pick up your child, please call the centre with the person's name and description. We will ask anyone we do not know for picture identification. A staff who does not know the person picking up your child and has not received a call from you is required to call you to ensure that is who is supposed to be picking up your child. A staff member who does not know you is required to make sure you are the child's parent or guardian before letting you leave the centre
  3. No child is to leave the centre with an adult who the staff believes is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will be reported if driving or deemed abusive.


*Many short conferences can take place as parents bring their child or pick them up each day. Appointments can be wade at this time to tackle problems needing more time.


Special Occasions

  1. For special occasions (IE Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) parents can take this opportunity to make these occasions special for your child. Talk to your child's teacher to make these arrangements.


Accidents and Emergency Procedures

  1. All medical numbers and telephone numbers must be kept up-to-date.
  2. We require you to have an emergency caregiver.
  3. If an incident should occur and your child is injured, the situation will be assessed and according to the degree of injury, an ambulance may be phoned first and then the parent contacted.


Admission Policies and Recommendations

  1. All children must have updated immunization records.
  2. A child must have a completed medical check-up before entering our program.
  3. Parents or parent and child must visit the centre and become acquainted with the setting. Please visit other centres to ensure that this is the type of program you want.
  4. Visit at least one or more times prior to leaving your child with us so your child is comfortable.
  5. Fill out all registration forms, sign parent contracts and read all policies and our philosophy prior to admission.



  1. Fees are as outlined in the fee schedule.
  2. One month’s notice is required for withdrawals of your child from our centre or one month’s fee will be due if notice is not given.
  3. We require parents sign their child in and out daily. This is our attendance sheet as well as our emergency fire list.
  4. All parents must submit a monthly attendance calendar for the upcoming month.


*To maintain a quality program, we require monthly bills to be paid on time. Therefore we will add l0% to your previous bill for each monthly payment that is not made.


Fee Schedule

30 – 36 months

Monthly: $800.00

Daily: $45.00

½ Day: $25.00


3 – 5 years

Monthly: $700.00

Daily: $45.00

½ Day: 25.00


After School Sept – June

Monthly: $375.00

Daily: $45.00

½ Day: $25.00


After School July – August

Monthly: $700.00

Daily: $45.00

½ Day: $25.00


Our fees include:

  • Bus service to and from school and pick-up on half days.
  • 2 nutritious snacks.
  • Preschool programming in the morning.


* We are open to the after school program kids on school Pro-D Days


*Lunches are not provided


If you have any further inquiries, please get in touch with us directly.

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