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The Big Adventures Daycare Philosophy

Big Adventures Daycare's philosophy is that each child is an individual who with love, kindness and guidance can reach his or her highest potential. This is created in a safe, warm and caring atmosphere, which provides a stimulating and creative environment.

We believe that through play a child learns about the environment around him or her. When offered stimulating activities that make a child feel successful, it creates a feeling of self-confidence and helps the child reach his or her highest potential. Through a wide variety of activities the whole child is developed, giving him or her a feeling of wellbeing. This sense of wellbeing will help the child enter adulthood and become a successful member of society.

We believe that as responsible adults, it is our responsibility to protect and advocate for all children in our care.

Guidance & Discipline Policy

Through positive guidance techniques a child will learn to express feelings, understand the feelings of others, problem solve and learn self-discipline. In this way children will obtain a positive self-image and respect for others. Discipline should be constructive and meet a child's individual needs, leading to a positive learning experience for the child.

Here’s how we will accomplish this:

  • We will provide a safe environment with clearly defined limits and expected behaviours, which will provide each child with opportunities to make choices and decisions. Children need opportunities to succeed, and by providing choices and activities, they can safely explore the more desirable behaviour they will display. We will encourage the children to take responsibility for their own choices and the consequences of those choices. Self-respect, respect of others and the respect for community property will be the guideline used to set limits.
  • We will encourage positive behaviour. Often we miss opportunities to praise and appreciate a child's positive behaviour. Letting children feel our approval encourages them to repeat the positive behavior. We will try to anticipate and prevent unacceptable behaviour by intervening, using various guidance techniques such as distraction, redirection and problem solving.
  • We will recognize and respond to both positive and negative feelings of the children to help them to express these feelings in an appropriate manner. As healthy individuals we need to express our emotions.
  • Under no circumstances shall any child be disciplined or punished by any other adult or staff in the following manner while in the centre:
    • No physical punishment such as hitting, slapping, shaking or physical restraint
    • No emotional punishment such as humiliation, rejection or belittling.
    • No psychological punishment such as depriving of basic needs.
    • Any form of deprivation that could interfere with a child's emotional or physical wellbeing such as withholding food, isolation or ignoring.

To learn more about our policies, see our parent handbook.

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